India Food Tours

A Cultural & Culinary Adventure to South India

Covering some of the finest sights of the southern-most states of India, Our Cultural and Culinary Adventure tour commences with the atmospheric temple towns of Tamil Nadu. In seafront Mahabhalipuram, see the stunning bas relief and the ancient shore temple. After an overnight stop in the uniquely French town of Pondicherry, drive to Tanjore to see another UNESCO World Heritage site, the Brihadeeshwara Temple. Continue southwest to visit the vibrant and bustling Meenakshi Temple at Madurai before crossing over into the Western Ghats at Periyar in Kerala. Take a boat ride on the Periyar Lake to spot the Wild Elephants. Drive down the hills visiting tea and rubber to to the tranquil backaters of Kumarakom. Spend a night under the stars, in a rice boat, on the picturesque backwaters. Colonial Fort Cochin is the final stop before heading home.


Our culinary tour to Kerala & South India explores the rich cultural and culinary heritage of this beautiful state. Cooking classes and market visits with our experts enhance your experience of this exhilarating destination. Accommodation is mostly in delightful homestays and small charming hotels where we enjoy the special hospitality and superb cuisine of our hosts, whose families have lived here for generations.


Dreaming of a Kerala Holiday ???. Email us on to contact one of our India Travel Specialists for preparing a tailor-made Kerala holiday.


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