Mayapott – a true plantation experience

Relaxed and refreshed is the wish that Mayapott Plantation Villa granted me as I walked out of the doors into the softly falling rain. The drive to the resort through winding hills of Western Ghats was well worth the amazing and unforgettable experiences.

Mayapott - a true plantation experience

Mayapott – a true plantation experience

Driving through the meandering roads, I gripped the seats a little tighter as the hair pin turns are daringly bent with deep gorges on one side but with a breathtaking panoramic view of distant mountains and waterfalls. As you reach the hilltops, the roads showcase acres of cardamom plantations on both sides. Situated 810m above sea level, the high range of Idukki is also known as the spices capital of Kerala. Mainly populated by migrants from different parts of Kerala with the main intention of agriculture and spice cultivation such as cardamom, tea, coffee, pepper etc, Idukki is a haven for expeditions through spice plantations, hiking and trekking.

Nestled amidst the hills of this Western Ghats, in a sweet spice scented village called Kattapana, is where the romantic plantation villa of Mayapott dwells. Set unobtrusively in a 100 acre cardamom plantation, Mayapott exudes the soul and spirit of nature. Here nature’s sounds are of unpredictable showers of rain, birds chirping and singing and the gushing stream flowing besides your room and under your walkway. The resort modelled out of the rocks from the region and with wild plants, creepers and tall trees all around imparts the raw demeanour of nature.

On arrival, we were greeted by the friendly staff with a steaming cup of lemon tea which was refreshing and revitalizing. We were ushered to our room which had a big boulder and an exotic open shower with river stones, which made me feel all the more closer to Mother Earth. After unpacking and a quick change, we went out for a walk through the plantation. Nature beckons you to see and feel more of herself in different forms. The soft mud under your feet, high notes whistled by the whistling thrush, the aroma of wet earth and cardamom pods, the cool misty air that breathes on your cheeks, lush greenery, the strokes of different hues all around… After one and a half hours of exploring nature and walking until the cardamom treatment plant, it was back to the resort for the evening. The staff prepared a fire in the reading room fireplace and all of us gathered to chit chat a little while. Was it the warmth spreading through the grooves of the stone walls or the sound of the gurgling stream that made me feel so calm? A tranquillity so magical that cannot be described! No wonder they named this place so aptly Mayapott which colloquially means the mystical point. After dinner, we retired for the night. In the hopes of catching up on lost sleep, we intend to wake up late. Being accustomed to the hustle and bustle of city life, I am in a conflict of perfect silence. Ironically, at this point of time, I feel nature is quiet raucous and I find a hard time to fall asleep initially. But the white noise cradled me to slumber soon.


Waking up early in the morning (all hopes failed), I’m amused that I feel fresh and well rested after all! Wrapped in a shawl with a cup of hot black coffee on a bridge over a gurgling river everyday might be a wishful wish. But I’m enjoying every second of it at present and tidying aside a special place in mind to treasure the memoirs. I already miss the place and the beautiful serene ambience. This is the one home with a thousand stories. Here is where people tend to come back for more. And I too shall return soon to fill the empty spaces and be one with nature.

IMG_2964 IMG_2968

Mayapott Plantation Villa is a luxury getaway resort that is well suited for a perfect family holiday, romantic honeymooning for couples, fun group get-together, a retreat for peace seekers or for nature enthusiasts. The accommodation includes 2 studio rooms and a villa suite with a view of the river and the plantations. The attached open bathrooms have a natural ambience. The earthiness is found throughout in the resort. The dining room which connects the rooms with a bridge also has a fantastic view of the flowing wild river. The stone walled reading room has a fireplace and a modest library. The resort itself is a good opportunity for activities such as walks or tour of the plantation, half day farm visit, jeep safari and many more. Or you can continue your hobbies of cycling, bird watching, trekking or photography.




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